Corporation # 1010447

Embassy Of United Chaplains Corporation 

Corp # 1010447- #1035075




Bishop. Evelyn De Leon - President

P.O. Box 824 - New Britain,CT 06051 

 Office (Oficina)  Tel: (860)-869-2355  




----Executive Board  ----

Bishop Evelyn De León- President  

Rev. Ramon Gonzalez - Vice President

Min. Maximalee Gonzalez - Deputy Director


------- Ethics & Credentials Department ----

Chap. Cesar Vega - Ehthics & Credentials Dep. Director

Chaplain Mariano Santiago- Ethics Credentials Department

Ana Ruiz - Asst. Credentials Department 

--------------DIRECTORS ---------------

Rev. Joel Espada - North Central/Eastern Regional Director

Chaplain Zoraida Vargas - Area Director

Chaplain Frayman Caraballo- Security Dept


-----------------Instructors -----------------

Chaplain Ricardo Tonacca, Instructor

Rev. Ramon Gonzalez - Instructor

Rev. Joel Espada - Instructor/Translator (English/Spanish)

Bishop Evelyn De Leon-Instructor






Attention Pastors & Church Leaders !!

We will Gladly Create a Presentation at your church, AT NO COST TO YOU if you are located in Connecticut , Massachussetts, Rhode Island, MaryLand. 

+ You can now fill out a Request Form Via-online ,


or call us  @ (860) 869-2355 Bishop. Evelyn De Leon (President)





***Attention Chaplains***


We are now accepting applications for

Florida Chaplancy program


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  • "We serve a living powerful God! I recently had the privilege of showing support to a family who's father had a stroke. We were in the hospital in his room and although unrespo..."
    Chaplain Joel
    Grace to the last Minute
  • "...the agreed and I held his hand and prayed the 'sinners prayer' for him...He was a biker friend as I saw the Lord pave a highway to heaven for him. As soon as I finished that ..."
    Chaplain Joel
    Grace Part 2
  • "10/13/2010: Oracion Especial para nuestro Capellan muy querido Rev. Efrain Rodriguez. Estara en el hospital Saint Fransis En el Dia De hoy alas 8:00 P.M. , Hasta 10/14/2010. ..."
    Rev. Efrain Rodriguez
    " Oracion Especial "

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